Award-Winning LGBT Short Film ‘Trophy Boy’ Being Developed For TV

Trophy Boy, the critically-acclaimed short film about the fall of an egotistical gay Instagram ‘influencer’ after being dumped by his sugar daddy, has been picked up for series development.


Emrhys Cooper (Mamma Mia, Vanity) directed and starred in the short film which has been acquired by production, financing and distribution company Dynamic Television.

Gerald McCullouch, of the Bear City movie trilogy and the award-winning web series, Hustling, is also featured in the film.

In the short, Cooper plays 'James,' who after living as a social media 'celebrity' finds out the hard way what real life is like.

The official synopsis:


Trophy Boy is your classic “riches-to-rags” story. It depicts the downward spiral of James – a spoiled, influencer and narcissist, who, based on his social media accounts, appears to have it all.

But, just before his 30th birthday, his much older boyfriend, on whom he was financially dependent, breaks up with him. James now must face reality with no work experience and no idea where to start.

With his sex-addicted best buddy by his side, James takes a crash course in living and sets out to prove that he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him.

He ultimately ends up alienating himself further from reality and comes face-to-face with the bitter fact that if he doesn’t learn to live as an adult in the real world, he’ll never be more than a washed-up, unwanted accessory.





Speaking to Towleroad last year, Emhrys explained his inspiration for making the film: “Social media has created a generation of self-obsessed narcissists obsessed with self-obsessed narcissists. My goal for Trophy Boy is to say look up from your phone, breathe, observe, and think about what really matters; honesty, integrity and deep sense of responsibility."

Critics have raved about the film:

“With impeccable dialogue delivery, amazing body language and performance, he (Cooper) consumes the screen every time he faces the camera…The climax is a pure masterpiece in terms of both, acting and story. The dark, haunting depth attained in performance and narration makes ‘Trophy Boy’ worth a watch!"”  – Indie Shorts Mag, September 14, 2018



After screenings at several prestigious film festivals (Cannes Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, California Independent Film Festival, Dances with Films), the short has been invited to screen at two additional festivals in February, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and the Santa Fe Film Festival.



Cooper and Trophy Boy co-star Donal Brophy will executive produce along with Dynamic Television’s Holly Hines. 

Dynamic’s  list of series include SYFY's Trapped, Van Helsing, Wynona Earp and Z NationEast Los High for Hulu, and Madiba  on BET.

You can watch the entire 12 minute short film, Trophy Boy, below.



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