Azealia Banks’ Is Matchmaking: Lil Nas X and Tyler, the Creator

In the ever-entertaining world of celebrity commentary, rapper Azealia Banks recently took to Instagram to share her unfiltered thoughts, this time with a humorous twist. In a post that left many scratching their heads and chuckling simultaneously, Banks implored Lil Nas X and Tyler, the Creator to ditch their “obsession with broke white bussy” and instead become a “power couple.”


Banks didn’t hold back in her statement, suggesting that seeing two young black gay men together would be “monumental” and aesthetically pleasing, especially when compared to the alternative. She even took a jab at Lil Nas X’s choice of collaborators, urging him to steer clear of “weird white creative directors” and embrace his own cultural roots.

Now, the burning question on everyone’s minds: Will Lil Nas X and Tyler heed Banks’ advice and embark on this newfound romantic journey? Well, their reactions were certainly mixed. Tyler responded to Banks’ post with a simple “lmfao what the hell,” indicating that he might need some time to process this unexpected suggestion.


As for Lil Nas X, things took a potentially more intriguing turn when a screenshot surfaced, allegedly showing him agreeing with Banks’ proposal in a now-deleted tweet. While the authenticity of the tweet remains unverified, the mere possibility of such a response has ignited speculation and laughter among fans.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful romance, as Banks playfully suggests? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly awaiting any further developments in this delightfully bizarre saga. After all, in the unpredictable world of celebrity antics, anything is possible – even the formation of an unlikely power couple.


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