Baby Bromance- Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper’s Sons Meet For The First Time Live On Camera

Neither of them are even out of the crib yet, but Benjamin Allen Cohen & Wyatt Morgan Cooper are already traveling in the most elite circles possible. Last night on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen had close friend and colleague Anderson Cooper as a guest for a good old fashioned Father’s Day kiki. The episode marked an especially poignant moment as Cohen’s 16 month old son Ben met his future bestie, 8 week old Wyatt live on camera. 

Photo Courtesy of Bravo

“Ben, this is Wyatt. This is Wyatt Cooper. He’s gonna be your good buddy,” the Bravo host continued, addressing his son. “That’s gonna be your good buddy and we’re gonna travel together. And if you like him half as much as I like his daddy, you’re gonna be great friends.” Anderson simply looked lovingly at son Wyatt and said sweetly “That’s Benjamin”. 


Cooper joked that Wyatt’s outfit looked like a “bathing suit from the 1920’s and Cohen joked “that your little baby is singing Edith Piaf wearing that outfit”. It was easy to already see the Cooper and Cohen genes in both boys, between Cohen’s dark wavy hair and Cooper’s steel blue eyes both reflecting in their mini-me’s. In a special Father’s Day treat, Andy Cohen’s father Lou Cohen joined the men for a game of 1, 2, AC with Lou C where the talk show hosts were peppered with questions on who has handled quarantine better (“Anderson is made for quarantine” quipped Cohen) and who’s more likely to be a helicopter parent (Cooper confessed it would be him, but he’s “hoping not to be”). 

Cooper also imparted the piece of wisdom that his mother, the dynamic Gloria Vanderbilt taught him that he wants to pass on to his own child. Cooper spoke about how his mother listened to him, expected him to have opinions, and treated him like an adult, who’s “opinions matter”. 



“Watch What Happens Live” airs weeknights on Bravo (check local listings) 

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