Bad Boys Club Coming to Zeus Network in 2022

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The landscape of television has changed drastically in the last decade. Now, you can find new series on your television, on dozens of streaming sites and even smartphone apps. Founded by social media stars and CEO Lemuel Plummer, Zeus Network launched in 2018 and has developed scripted programming; as well as serving as a second home to relaunch the careers of reality stars whose former platforms were cancelled. Love & Hip Hop’s Joseline Hernandez, I Love New York’s Chance and socialite Blac Chyna are just some subjects of their own reality shows. And then, of course, there’s Bad Girls Club standout Natalie Nunn – who’s bringing a new concept to television.

Bad Girls Club ran on Oxygen for 17 seasons between 2007 and 2017. Much in the same vein as The Real World, Bad Girls Club featured seven young women, all strangers, living together in a mansion and experiencing the growth, partying and drama that comes with such an experiment. Bad Girls Club reached its peak ratings in its fourth season thanks to the participation of Natalie Nunn. While the series wasn’t as huge as other programming like American Idol and Survivor, Bad Girls Club birthed some of the wildest moments in reality television history. I’m sure we’ve all seen the clip of Tanisha Thomas banging pans together because she ain’t get no sleep cause of yall.


A few years ago, Natalie Nunn and several Bad Girls Club favorites band together to create a pilot titled Bad Boys Club. The concept was simple: it was the same formula as Bad Girls but with an all-male cast. The pilot failed to secure a network then, but thanks to Ms. Nunn’s resilience and the emergence of streaming networks, Bad Boys Club is seeing a second life on Zeus Network in 2022. If Natalie’s Instagram is any indication, the casting process has already begun and some sort of teaser is on the way soon. I’m picturing something along the lines of The Ultimate Fighter and Strip Search with much, much more drama!

It’ll be interesting to see what golden reality TV moments are birthed from this venture. I’m more interested to see how hot the men are and how often they take their clothes off for the camera! Either way, you can bet that I’ll be watching! How about you?

Zeus Network is Android, iPhone, Roku and FireTV with a $4.99/month subscription.

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  1. bad boys club is a damn joke, and Natalie is making money off their dumb stupid ass. It should be named Bad Wannabe Girls Club. just stupid where the fuck they get these ppl. they immature as hell too.


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