Bad Bunny Posts Thirst Trap That Leaves Little to the Imagination

Bad Bunny recently left the internet in a frenzy after dropping his latest thirst trap that leaves very little to the imagination.

(c) Instagram: @badbunnypr

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican rapper has occasionally posted steamy pics of himself in the past, but the most recent photo is said to be one of his most explicit ones. The pic is a mirror selfie of him naked, showing off a portion of his backside and groin while he seems to be in the shower.


The super steamy photo was posted via Instagram Stories on August 27, and it left the netizens thirsting for more. Before we drop the photo, let’s take a look at some of the thirst comments because you know what? Bad Bunny has been very naughty with this thirst trap…

“If this was an entry to Thirst Trap Recaps, he’d definitely win,” @AnxiousBoiii quote retweeted.

“the speed at which thousands of gay men across the country zoomed in,” Twitter user @signorsabatino commented.

“The things I would do,” @Amia_Patrice wrote.


“Foot slapping on the ground heart eyes jaw hit the floor tongue rolled out AUUUUUGAAAAAAA,” @branflakes215 also quote retweeted.

More graphic thirst comments have been posted, and understandably so because Bad Bunny’s latest nude pic is — well, you can see for yourself here 😉

(c) Instagram: @badbunnypr via Twitter: @siteptbr


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