Bad Bunny Shows Off Toned Bod in HOT New Mirror Selfie

Bad Bunny is known for posting thirst traps that become the talk of people online, and he has done it yet again with a V steamy mirror selfie…

The 30-year-old Puerto Rican rapper and singer was not only shirtless and pants-less in the photo, but he is also showing off his toned body in a black corset and white underwear. On the caption, he wrote:

“No puedo respirar…,” which translates to “I can’t breathe” in English.


Meanwhile, people on Twitter did not hold back on their sentiments, and here are some of them:

“Holy f*ck I need this man in my life,” @Texxx_Arcana wrote.

@melosteliaz expressed:

“cada día me gusta más,” which translates to “I like it more every day.”


@gordomoxhapecho also commented:

“Que rica se mira su pack,” which translates to “How delicious your pack looks.”

Told you they didn’t hold back on the thirsting. And on that note, you can see Bad Bunny’s latest thirst trap here:

(c) Instagram: @badbunnypr via Twitter: @badbunny_global

Truly, the new year has been good so far for Bad Bunny’s fans when it comes to the thirst trap department, as he also previously posted a series of bathtub pics on his Instagram feed. One of the photos is even focused on his lower part, which is only covered by bubbles. Dropping said post here in case you missed it 😉


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