Bald Heads, Beach Hoes, Bear Soup & More

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A post shared by Curtis Fitzgerald (@gpphysique)

Some of our favorite Instagram posts this week starting with Curtis Fitzgerald who was pumped for his pizza.

Matthew Camp upped his fur factor by adopting a puppy:

Trans bodybuilder Paulo Batista is digging his shaved-head daddy phase:

Rodiney Santiago shared his visit to this gorgeous resort in Greece. We want to stay HERE!

Shomari Francis wore a crop top (because that’s what he likes):

Chubby Tanuki found himself in “beach hoe” mode:

Singer/songwriter Tom Goss is a cowboy now #SaveAHorse:

Rob Anderson explored the intersectionality of the gays and everything else:

This is how underwear model Terry Miller pre-games for the opera:

CrossFit athlete Dan Tai practiced his “teddybear rolls:”

Antony Tran slid down to snap a selfie:

Wes Dupee indulged in some bear soup:

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