Banging New Dance Bop Wants Us To Feel ‘No Shame’

L-R Melody Betts, Kyle Motsinger in ‘No Shame’ (screen capture)

NYC-based indie singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger releases the music video to his newest single, “No Shame, directed by Tyler William Milliron of Milliron Studios.

The new single, which has a positive message of self-love, is available now on iTunes, so check out this exclusive peek at the colorful music video and song today.


It’s worth noting in 2017, Attitude Magazine conducted a body survey that revealed 84% of people said they felt under “intense pressure” to have a so-called “good body.”

Motsinger opens the song with just a few of the self-doubts (hair, body image, body hair) many people, especially in the LGBTQ community, might experience in terms of judging ourselves (and others!) on a daily basis. 

But then, this furry ginger drops the beat and the shame:

My body is beautiful (Tell myself every day)
My body is beautiful (No matter what critics say)
My body is beautiful (No one can take that away)
My body is beautiful (Can’t tell me that I don’t slay)


Motsinger teams up with singer/actor Melody Betts for the upbeat, disco-tastic track. Audiences will recognize Betts from the acclaimed Jesus Christ Superstar Live! on NBC, and the Broadway production of Sara Bareilles’s Waitress. The video also co-stars Mark Oleszko/Lyra Vega, & Larry Darnell Penn Whitfield.

The song is co-produced, mixed, and mastered by fellow singer/songwriter Corey TuT (recently featured here on Instinct) and features string arrangements by Mark Hartman.

On top of being a banging pop bop, the message of the song takes stares down negative feelings of self-image in high style.


Instinct recently chatted with the furry ginger about the new track and why messaging about body positivity seems to be improving in the LGBTQ community.

Instinct Magazine: What was the inspiration behind writing the song?

Kyle Motsinger: “No Shame” was a response to some criticism I was getting from my conservative family about performances I was doing in NYC that were either more burlesque in nature or featured outfits that were revealing. I’ve gotten to a point where I sometimes feel pretty confident about my body. I say sometimes because there are always days where I maybe don’t feel as fearless as I’d like to be. I wrote this song because I think bodies are beautiful and I don’t think it’s indecent to tastefully show them off. Of course, I probably have a different definition of “tasteful” than some. 

IM: You really embrace a groovy disco vibe (which I love). Is that just your innate musical style or is it about meshing a certain message to music? 


KM: I’m glad you love it! I love dipping my toe into different musical styles for different songs. For me, the story of the song dictates the feel of it. Disco felt right for an anthem about loving your body. My second album is full of an eclectic mix of musical styles. I sum that up in the title song. My music sounds “Any Way I Want It To.” It’s a little sassy and I love that.

(screen capture from ‘No Shame’)

IM: Social messaging to combat body shaming seems to have become more mainstream. Do you think so? Or no?

KM: I think it has and I’m really glad! There’s always been an image of what you’re supposed to strive for. Diversity has never been very prevalent in terms of body image. I see it changing though. Even in the gay community, I’m seeing more love for bears, trans people, and people of color. We still have work to do though. It was important to me that the music video for “No Shame” showed racial and body diversity. The world is more diverse than media would lead you to believe. It is getting better though.


Kyle Motsinger dropped his debut album, “Far Away,” in 2017 and has since released several stand-alone singles including “Dark Shadows.” Kyle has performed all over NYC in venues like the Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, the Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama, and the Folsom Street East Festival.

You can find “No Shame” and all of Motsinger’s previous releases on iTunes here.

(cover photo: Roberto Araujo Photography)

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