Banking Enterprise is Allegedly Closing a Lot of SW Accounts

OnlyFans celebrity Reno Gold (image via official website)
OnlyFans personality Reno Gold (image via official website)

Wells Fargo is a steadfast supporter of gay rights, but it’s not a fan of sex workers. For the last two months, previous patrons are alleging that Wells Fargo unfairly terminated their accounts despite being in good standing. Despite several unconfirmed testimonies, this news was swept under the rug – most likely due to the overall subject matter. While sex workers are slowly becoming recognized as real working professionals, it goes without saying those that watch their videos are willing to throw stones when confronted about porn in public. Perhaps it boils down to embarrassment or evangelical fanaticisms. However, Alana Evans is making this conflict go viral thanks to a social media post she shared to TikTok and Twitter.

Alana Evans is an AVN Hall of Famer and the current president of union Adult Performers Acting Guild. Recently, she was the recipient of a cancelled Wells Fargo account. In her viral video, she states that she’s never bounced checks, is not a person who racks up fees and her account was in good review – but she still received a letter that her account was closed by Wells Fargo, and she has two weeks to find another bank. Her testimony, a phone call with a Wells Fargo representative and a blurry copy of the letter is available in the video below. And remember, all of this activity is only alleged at this point.


“This was not random, it was a business decision,” the representative says during the recorded phone call. “How will I get paid,” Alana cries after the video is over. For the record, adult film stars and performers as well as content creators on platforms such as OnlyFans and JustForFans are legally making money and that money is taxed. It comes from established businesses or through individual subscriptions. As one Rolling Stone commentator points out, the issue may not necessarily stem from the type of work so much as the fluctuation of random deposits. Could it be that a flow of anonymous deposits on a daily basis is deemed as a risk factor for the bank, who would be forced to deal with any discrepancies from both sides?

It should also be noted that Wells Fargo is not the first bank to allegedly crack down on sex workers. Since as early as 2015, a few banking providers have surprise-cancelled accounts belonging to porn stars according to an article by NY Post. The same article also lists a slew of other sex workers who allege that their accounts were closed without warning by Wells Fargo. Even a former star who retired years ago and now works as a realtor, who used the bank for almost 30 years, was one of the many who received their walking slip from the bank. 


All flagged accounts belonging to sex workers are scheduled to be officially cancelled and closed on October 13th. Wells Fargo has yet to comment on this matter, and there are two sides to every story. However, this plight will soon become a subject matter to all sex workers – man, woman, straight and gay. That’s why this should be a talking point now. It’s only a matter of time before your favorite man to J.O.P.O to or even your best friend finds themself without a means to collect their dues. While this boycott is only based on here-say right now, it remains to be seen how far it will go. 

And I am fully team #protectoursexworkers!

Sources: Rolling Stone, NY Post 

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  1. I own an adult store and 3 banks in Arizona have cancelled my accounts without warning or a clear explanation. This discrimination has been going on for a long time.


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