Bar Patrons Get Aggressive With Tomi Lahren!

Bar Patrons Get Aggressive With Tomi Lahren!

Does The Conservative Vlogger Deserve Assault?

#SIGH! So, isn’t the old saying: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? Because that’s exactly what is happening the following videos. You may know Tomi Lahren for being a controversial to say the least – Republican/Conservative Vlogger who has one of the biggest platforms for anyone in her caliber. She’s been featured heavily on talk shows, parodied by late night Hosts, and randomly had a large voice in the 2016 Presidential Election. Let’s just say she’s really not in the running for America’s Prom Queen, but she’s definitely known for being disliked among Liberals and those of us who simply don’t care for a rhetoric of hate. Lahren had an encounter today with some people who certainly disagree with her beliefs.

According to Vice, Lahren and her family were having brunch in Minneapolis. As she was leaving, a woman decided to throw a beverage – likely water – at Lahren. It’s unclear in the video if the drink made contact with Lahren. We can see in the video Lahren’s mother, like lightening, takes a stand for her daughter – as anyone’s parent would. Soon thereafter, a man heckles Lahren with the help of others as he films the confrontation between Lahren and the patrons who attempted to assault her. The man, and other patrons, call Lahren curse words repeatedly and shout she’s racist. Check out the videos below:

Through it all, there’s one person who is sticking up for Lahren: The guy in the White House, Donald Trump. Per usual, he took to social media to acknowledge her:


Repeatedly, Lahren’s controversial videos are shared on my social media. What boggles my mind is half of the shares are from those on my Facebook who have the same beliefs as hers, while others are sharing to demolish her opinion. I was taught to ignore something that bothered you, so I’m not certain why her haters are so obsessed with her. If Lahren wasn’t the epitome of a blonde bombshell – on paper – I don’t believe she’d have the platform she currently has. One may argue she’s fantasized by the Republican party who would rather listen to her than the likes of Ann Coulter. I agree with almost nothing that comes out of Lahren’s mouth, but I’d still like to see her not getting assaulted and harassed in public. Lahren has frequented my current neighborhood of West Hollywood, California and I’ve seen plenty of social media updates from young gay men who alleged they’ve told her off. What’s the point? She won’t stop: It is literally her job to shout her abrasive opinion. There are plenty of other ways to prove your point besides getting physical with someone or heckling them in public. Come on.

Do you believe Lahren’s videos deserve her to be assaulted?

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7 thoughts on “Bar Patrons Get Aggressive With Tomi Lahren!”

  1. Yes, because I act like a democrapit animal. It’s all about me and no one else. Stay out of my way. Their that summed up these it’s behavior in one post.

  2. conservatives are such a

    conservatives are such a hypocrite.  they promote violence then when that happened to them they would cry and play victim.

    when you have donald trump supporting you – you know you did something wrong

  3. I do not condone what

    I do not condone what happened to her. Things happen for a reason and you get what you give.

  4. Nobody should ever be

    Nobody should ever be assaulted for any reason. Nobody deserves to have drinks thrown on them just because they are Republican. #eyeroll. Way to promote hate.

  5. My tolerance level does not

    My tolerance level does not include white supremacists, KKK, Nazis, liars, thieves, religious fanatics, and hypocrites. Oh wait.  I guess I mean Republicans.

  6. Please…I implore you..

    Please…I implore you…learn how to write.

    You left out "in" in "that's exactly what is happening the following…."

    You left out the dash before "to say the least."

    It should be "anyone of her caliber."

    You capitalized "liberals." Why?

    And your question at the end "Do you believe Lahren's videos deserve her to be assaulted?" is very-poorly worded.

    Seriously…please take some courses in writing. Most of your articles which I've read contain numerous errors – more so than articles by your colleagues. Sorry for being blunt, but those are the facts.


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