Barbra Streisand Confesses if ‘They’ Are Real Or Not

Just like trying to figure out who Carly Simon is REALLY singing about in "You're So Vain", Barbra Streisand has kept a major secret about herself hidden… until now.

The legendary songstress took to her social media on Saturday night to answer the "age old question" on whether or not her nails were real or not.  Turns out they are in fact real… and spectacular!

She shared a one-minute video detailing her "nail" journey, starting off with "Over the decades, I've often been asked if my nails are real."  The video then shows Barbra at different stages of her life sporting her longer than usual and legendary nails. "They are!" she revealed.

Turns out this whole started as a way to rile up her mother.  "When my mother wanted me to work in the school system… and be a typist, I rebelled by growing my nails." Turns out that habit caused her to not be so good with computers.  "To this day I wish I could type," she joked.

She even got crafty when it came to one of her most iconic film roles.  "Even when I learned the guitar for A Star is Born (see the deleted scene on DVD), I only had to cut them on one hand." 

"Again, to set the record straight, my nails are real… and always have been." Read you loud and clear, Babs! 



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  1. Ultra-long nails are

    Ultra-long nails are practically a handicap in life.  There are so many things you can't do.  But I am exactly the opposite of Barbra Streisand.  I clip my nails practically weekly!  I was a  journalist and had to type–nails were impossible.  I love to cook.  I have to clean! My hands are not at all the gorgeous ones hers are.  Long nails seem so "hands-off" to me.  But there is no greater star/talent than BJS!  Thank you for everything you have done in your remarkable life!


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