BateWorld Helps Celebrate International Masturbation Day

With the month of May wrapping up, that also brings Masturbation Month to a close. That’s right – May is the annual month for that oh-so-personal ritual. In an effort to normalize that act, and at the same time bring some conversation and light heartedness to it, enter The Great BateWorld Bate Off! Competing in The Great BateWorld BateOff! will be BateWorld members Atlas420, BigStiffy, BrotherBator, DragonPuppy3, MasturOfMyBate, and ProudBator. These proud baters take part in various challenges, with the ultimate goal of becoming The Great BateWorld BateOffs Master Bator! I sat down with both Coach (host and co-producer of the production) and ProudBator to discuss the bator lifestyle, some of the challenges and techniques that are part of the show, and what it is like being leaders in normalizing something almost absolutely everyone does but doesn’t speak about. 


Michael Cook: How did you both get involved with the project? 

Coach: I kinda created the show. I had been producing another show called Bater Training Series and we had just wrapped up our fourth season of that. We wanted to do something for masturabation month for May and I thought that it would be fun to have a competition series. Not something that you see every day. Then I went out to some “super users” of the BateWorld website and that is how the show started. 

ProudBator: The show was really the first one of its kind ever; there has never been anything like it before. This might really be changing the way that people view masturbation and the way people deal with their own desires to masturbate; I feel proud of it and honored to be a part of it. 

MC: Bater, do you think that after people get past the initial focus of the show, that viewers will be able to see a deeper message being delivered? 


B: Think about it like this: the Bator community is a specific niche and it is not for everyone. For the bator community, this is making history because it is bringing all of us into the same understanding of what we like, doing, and watching online. If you are someone that is on BateWorld that enjoys watching everyone, but is not comfortable sharing your own story, by watching this I have received messages from people saying that it is great for all of the members. 

MC: Coach, what makes the bater world so distinct and so one of a kind. How would you define it for those that are not aware of it? 


C: There is still such shame that people feel with masturbation, whether it is a religious upbringing or something else. This is one of those things that really normalizes it and makes it fun. The challenges are fun for the bators to perform and there will be hot bate fuel for people to watch. The bator community I think starves for content like this; it is different and fun. They love to see the variety also; we have six very different bators with all different styles of everything. 

B: You also have to think that we are all over the world. Some of us come from completely different cultural and religious backgrounds, and for many of us, masturbation can be quite a challenge. For people to be watching something like this, I think it is amazing and it just opens their horizons. 


MC: Bator, as a contestant what do you think your own favorite part of the competition was? 

B: I think my favorite part was to be challenged. I am a performer and I do my own thing, and having a set of rules to follow while I complete the challenge while doing what I love, that really blew my mind. Some of the challenges are not easy, so that was the best part of it for me. I love that. 

MC: Coach, what is one challenge that you came up with that once you came up with it, you realized it would be a game changer? 

C: Absolutely, it’s actually the last two. The second to last challenge is a position challenge called “Spread Squat & Stand.” I thought that would be hot to see, and the videos are just insanely hot! 


MC: Were you both always very sex-positive or is it something that you both had to come around to? 

C: I have always been very sex positive, and masturbation has always been my own favorite way to get off and get other men off. 


B: Same for me. I have always been so positive about sex for as long as I can remember. It has always been a very important part of my life. 

MC: Coach, five years from now do you see the bator community coming more into the forefront? Do you see people getting more liberal with sex or more restrictive? 

C: I think in the last two to three years we have kind of fallen back a little bit. There is this puritanical feeling in America that is a little baffling to me to be honest. Part of that affected OnlyFans last year and were always thinking how long before Twitter gets rid of porn. I think generally people are more progressive, but it is just the way minority, the evangelical groups that tries to pull us back to the 1800’s. Hopefully, it will keep getting better. 

MC: How do you want to make sure that the message from the bater community and sex positivity continues to spread going forward? 


C: We do have a second show on BateWorld called Bator Training Series. It is about sharing and educating on different ways and things you can accomplish while masturbating. On our platforms, I think Bator and I need a collaboration, which will increase the positivity. 

B: It’s not just about bating. For many people that are new they think that is what it is all about. For us on BateWorld, it is about improving the ways we can bate, like Bator Training Series. For a lot of the new users, it is fairly new and revolutionary. For example, we may show people on a training episode on how to try to finish hands free. We are bringing bate to a whole different level that people have never seen and I think it is so important.

MC: How does one complete hands free? Any tips? 

C: Actually, the sixth and final challenge is a hands free orgasm. There is definitely discipline involved, and a lot of guys accomplish by stroking right up to the edge, then simply let go. 

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