“Batwoman” Season 2 Unveils a New Lead Actress & A New Batsuit

Last May, when Ruby Rose announced her departure as Batwoman, many fans of the CW series were sent reeling. Not only was Rose the first out lesbian to play a super hero lead character on a network television series, but this left the show without a lead actress to portray the DC Comics anti-heroine. While earlier this summer, it was announced that actress Javica Leslie would be replacing Rose as Batwoman, more layers of how Rose’s departure, as well as Leslie’s arrival will be explained, are now being revealed. 


First up; there will be a brand new Batwoman suit, that is custom made for both the actress and the character she is inhabiting. She tells CNET “We’re talking about how important it is that if we’re going to have a Black Batwoman and that she needs to be, like, a sister when she becomes Batwoman,” Leslie said. “It’s important for her to feel like the silhouette of her could still look like that, with natural textured hair and things like that.


Ruby Rose recently visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, discussing at length why she left Batwoman after one season. 

The new Batwoman/Ryan Wilder character is a newly created DC Comics character. A former drug runner, Wilder who managed to evade the Gotham City Police Department while also indulging in some bad habits of her own. The new Batwoman is a fighter in her own right as well as an out lesbian, just as Ruby Rose’s character Kate Kane was on the show.

At DC FanDome, Showrunner Caroline Dries attended a panel (alongside newly minted Batwoman Javica Leslie) and disclosed that Rose’s departure would most definitely be addressed. “We have two major stories, as we come into season two,” Dries said. “The first one is ‘Where’s Kate?’ What happened to Kate? Is she alive? Did she die? Is she missing? Is she on the run? Is she held captive? Is she lost? … And, then we are obviously just diving into Javicia. We have a new hero rising into Gotham.”

Season 2 of “Batwoman” is scheduled to premiere on The CW in early 2021

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