BBC Releases New Gay Series ‘Lost Boys & Fairies’ Heartfelt Trailer

Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee are starring in the new gay series ‘Lost Boys & Fairies’, which is described to be “a ‘coming of middle-age’ story, both bold and deeply heart-wrenching, filled to the brim with humor, redemption, and love.”

(c) BBC / Lost Boys and Fairies

Young is playing the role of Gabriel while Fee is portraying the character of Andy. Aside from the two lead stars, the cast of ‘Lost Boys & Fairies’ also includes Elizabeth Berrington, Sharon D Clarke, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Arwel Gruffydd, Shaheen Jafargholi, Mali Ann Rees, William Thomas, Gwyneth Keyworth, and Gwawr Loader, among others.


A synopsis of the show via Attitude reads:

“Together with his partner, Andy [Fee], Gabe [Young] longs to adopt a child and to do so they must convince their social worker Jackie that they’re up to the task. But Gabe is masking his demons: the effects of decades of shame having grown up in a society that overwhelmingly treated being gay as a sin; shame which Gabe is still processing.”

In the trailer, the couple can be seen going through a rough patch, as Andy tells Gabe:

“I will adopt Jake, with or without you.”


Moreover, ‘Lost Boys & Fairies’ consists of three parts, and it is set to be available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on June 3, and it will also be airing on BBC One weekly from 9pm on the same day. 


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