Beach Rats Is Now Available To Stream

There were many LGBTQ themed or friendly indie films that came out this year and Beach Rats was possibly the biggest named one (besides Call Me By Your Name).

Eiza Hittman’s film followed a young aimless teenager named Frankie who was caught between three difficult situations and identities. He was hiding the fact that he’s gay and out cruising for sex, hiding from his family and specifically his dying father, and dealing with his hyper-masculine friends.

Now, we’re happy to know that Beach Rats is becoming more accessible to everyone. The film which originally ran through a limited theater release is going to be released for purchase on streaming sites like iTunes, Youtube Movies, and Amazon Video.

In addition, you can check out a few marketing clips to let you know what you’d be purchasing if you haven’t seen the film yet.

You can watch those clips down below.

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