‘Beach Rats’ Serves Sexy Scenes & Online Cruising

The trailer for upcoming Beach Rats has left the internet gasping for more. The film, directed by the breakout Eliza Hittman and starring model/actor Harris Dickinson, was a huge crowd-pleaser at this year's Sundance. Now, people can't wait for the sexy, skin-showing film to hit theaters.

Set in Coney Island, Beach Rats is the story of Frankie (portrayed by Dickinson) who is coming to terms with his own sexuality as he explores the world of gay dating (and hooking up) and online cruising.

According to The Daily Beast Beach Rats is the kind of film viewers have been waiting for.

It’s no longer just about coming out. It’s about having good sex. A talk with the breakout director and the very hot (and very nude) star of the gritty queer film ‘Beach Rats.’

While the film explores the intimate evolution of the coming out process, it is also a discovery of what gay sex symbolizes to queer men of all ages–it is the hunt for physical affection, and while love may not always be the end result, the acceptance of another even for a few carnal moments.

Beach Rats' Frankie is faced with the purgatory of his sexuality as he enters into a relationship with a girl and continues to seek the thrill and lust of other men. 

The film earned Hittman a Best Director honor at this year's Sundance festival and has created buzz around Dickinson's role as "one of the most grueling, sensual, and captivating star turns at Sundance. And certainly one of the most enticingly naked" according to The Daily Beast.

Check out the steamy trailer here



Beach Rats opens in select theaters on August 25th.

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