Bear Couple RRbears is Keeping it Hot

It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you celebrate love and relationships with someone special or swear off the commercialization of red and pink all together, one thing is for certain, love is love–no matter how you look at it. Today we are happy to share a couple’s feature and highlight two scruffy studs, Seeingeyepig and Robearla, better known as RRbears.

Photo by Trevor Ott

If their name sounds familiar, you may have stumbled upon their content on your favorite subscription service or perhaps you follow their furry bubble butts on social media. Seeingeyepig and Robearla are both 33-years-old and hail from Los Angeles. They’ve been together for eight years and are thriving in their relationship and also keeping the boys thirsty on the side.


Let’s get to know RRbears and celebrate their love:

INSTINCT: How did you two initially meet and was it love at first sight? 

RRBEARS: We met, initially, on the Scruff dating app. After texting a bit we definitely noticed we had a lot of things in common and had our first date not too long after at Gym Bar in West Hollywood back in 2014. We wouldn’t say it was love at first sight technically, but when we ended the date at 4am after roughly 3 hours of making out we’d say we were definitely in love by the time we had both walked home that night. 

INSTINCT: What is your favorite thing to love about each other?  


SEEINGEYEPIG: My favorite thing about Robearla is that he is the nicest, sweetest, and kindest person pretty much ever. We still laugh hysterically just talking to each other at like 3 in the morning about the dumbest stuff.

ROBEARLA: I absolutely love Seeingeyepig’s creative mind and his humor. He is able to make me laugh at any given moment and always puts me in the best mood. When he is happy and laughing, nothing brings greater joy to me.



INSTINCT: Are you monogamous or in an open relationship? How do you make either work?

RRBEARS: We are in an open relationship. We started out monogamous and then started gradually working towards where we are now in our relationship. The way we make it work is simple in theory, a little bit tougher in practice: completely open honesty and communication. We don’t hide anything from one another and constantly communicate what we are doing, intend on doing etc to each other and check in. Our priorities will always be each other, so the most important thing is that we constantly check in and make sure we are both comfortable with whatever we are doing. If for whatever reason one of us isn’t, we take a step back and regroup and go from there. Bottom line is we will never sacrifice anything we have with each other for something new. We are constantly thinking about one another and considering each other’s feelings when we make decisions. Also doesn’t hurt that we’re still crazy about one another and constantly have sex.

Photo by Trevor Ott

INSTINCT: How/why did you begin creating content?


RRBEARS: The initial reason we started making content is kinda ridiculous. We had a few friends that were making some money off of OnlyFans and they were also getting free tickets to parties, and we were like “Hey we already send videos and pics over scruff/grindr why not make some extra cash to pay off some bills and get some free tickets to stuff off of it”. We started our twitter a week or two before the pandemic/shut down hit in March 2020. All other content creators were mainly single guys and after the shut down, they could mainly only make solo content due to social distancing. Since we were together we could make content of us doing everything, and we were stuck in quarantine so it just kinda all came together like that. We had no idea it would become what it is today.

Twitter @rrbears

INSTINCT: What are some of your favorite things to do together?

RRBEARS: Love to travel, dance, play video games, spending time with friends and loved ones and honestly just sex.



INSTINCT: What is something about the both of you that most people don’t know?


RRBEARS: We are not related or twins!! Haha. Let me see, when we met, we were both FRESH out of relationships, 3 weeks, and living with exes. We didn’t end up having sex until our tenth because we had no where to fuck! 

INSTINCT: What has the pandemic been like for the two of you? Has it brought you closer together?


RRBEARS: See above about how we started to create content haha. It definitely brought us even closer together. We I’d say it also helped us work through some problems we had in our relationship. Where we are now compared to the beginning of quarantine is such a more honest and loyal place. We’d definitely qualify the quarantine as a sort of crucible for relationships: either it honed it into something stronger and more stable or it fell apart.

INSTINCT: Has the topic of adopting or having kids via surrogate ever come up?


RRBEARS: Yes and the answer is a unanimous no.

INSTINCT: What is the best advice you would give to anyone who is looking for love out there but hasn’t found it?

RRBEARS: Stop trying to make people fit into this made up box of what your ideal mate is in your mind. There’s a difference between changing someone and wanting people to better themselves and live up to their potential. The latter is where you love someone and support them and foster that support into them becoming a better person. Back to the original point however, get to know someone, find someone that inspires you to be a better version of yourself and vice versa. We are truly each other’s best friend.



Anything else you’d like to share with the Instinct readers? You can use this to promote anything you’d like as well.

SEEINGEYEPIG: Please never hesitate to come up and talk to us if you ever see us out and about. We love talking to new people and making new friends from every walk of life. If we could promote anything in these tough times it would be to focus on our community and make it a place where everyone is welcome. The “Mean Girl” era is over. It’s not cute or funny to shit on people for their personal choices.

Photo by Trevor Ott

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