Bear Week, Birthdays, Beagles, And More

Some of our favorite Instagram posts this week…

First up, Ruben Rod and Alex Tikas sent greetings from a ‘naughty-cal’ themed party during Bear Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Neil Patrick Harris and his co-pilot Gidget safely ferried across the pool. #happydog

Atlas Grant (Tankerbear88) hugged it out celebrating his husbear’s birthday:

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald found some magic at the bottom of a waterfall:

Personal coach Carson Tueller shared some thoughts (and a selfie) on his relationship with his body:

Fabrício Ternes began a new love story with his new beagle, Boris:

We’re not sure what ‘cowbrothers’ are, but SuperBearInUtah has us intrigued:

Jason Carter tuned out the noise:

Fashion designer Daniel Sheehan tried on some new shirts:

Colin O’Leary was COMMITTED to his “Vogue” tribute (catch that fan, Colin!)

Wes Dupee got down and dirty encouraging young things to grow:

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