Beard or No Beard? Which Version of Super Cute Sam Hunt Looks Better?

Country music is known for breeding (hehe) some incredibly cute, corn-fed male singers for as long as its been around, and one notable guy to throw into that mix is none other than Sam Hunt.

He's been making us thirsty for him for a couple of years now, especially in 2017 with his massive smash hit "Body Like a Back Road" where my version of the song would be more like "Body Like a Ford Windstar"… but I digress.

We've been sort of used to seeing Sam rock some very sexy facial hair over the past couple of years, but in a shocking move, he decided to pick up a razor and get rid of all of it.  Now he's clean shaven, but is he still the super hot cutie we've all come to know and love?


Grammys 2018

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"For the past couple of years when it gets cold I like to grow a little facial hair," Sam said at a recent press conference. "There was this cool little barber shop in a hotel I was staying in downstairs and he was giving those cool straight razor shaves and I had never had one done, so I (shaved) it off."

Oddly enough, he deleted all of his IG posts except for about nine, so does this facial hair mystery have something to do with new music or something else planned?  Will he take his shirt off too?  Sam we are on the hunt to find out more (puns!)

Anyways, here's the before and after.  Do you prefer Sam with or without a beard?



What do you think?