Bears In The Kitchen, Burning T-Day Calories + More

Chris Salvatore (image via Instagram)

Some favorite posts this week in the Land of Insta beginning with Chris Salvatore, who finally found a tub that fit:

Austin Wolf really likes the spirit of giving:

Brawny Brett Morse stopped to take it all in:

Antony Tran pondered his Black Friday purchases:

Shomari Francis played peek-a-boo:

Ramon Ventura was primed and ready for Sagittarius season:

Jordan made it pop:

Adham brought the furry goodness:

Daniel Newman started his Christmas wish list:

Chef Jordan Bruno tied the knot:

Daniel Rankin got ‘Physical’ in the kitchen:

Andre Chandler and Jake Briscoe were two bears bound for Thanksgiving dinner:

Jordan Torres found his light:

JJ Cadwell threw down with Mariah:

Sterling Walker burned off some T-Day calories on the slopes:

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