Bedroom Eyes, Lazy Bear Week, Pooches, Pools & More

Matthew Camp via Instagram
Matthew Camp (image via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts from this week…

First up, not only did Matthew Camp serve up some serious bedroom eyes, his hashtag game was hilariously on point:


Antony Tran was rolling it out at home. p.s. this is a great way to avoid getting paint on your clothes…


Woofy Chicago teacher @ghyousomethin got a lesson in remembering to check the blender lid:

Laith Ashley wants folks to “shoot your shot…”


Nutritionist Dave Coast waxed poetic about the days when ‘corona’ was just a beer:

Jamaican diver Yona Knight-Wisdom celebrated the end of Week One at the Tokyo Olympic Games:


UK diver Tom Daley, still celebrating his gold medal win this week, flew into the weekend like:


Actor David Ortega’s social distancing game was on point:

Blogger Harry Camargo has a Spiderman suit and he’s not afraid to use it:


Shomari Francis paddled with some pooches in Antigua:


Tyler Oakley was totally giving you pool-time Daddy vibes:


Chubby Tanuki found some strategically placed bubbles at Lazy Bear 2021:

Comedian Joel Kim Booster did some ‘research’ for his upcoming movie Fire Island with Bowen Yang and Margaret Cho:

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  1. Lmwo, Matthew Campbell snorted way too much powder and Chubby Tanuki just embarrassed the shit out of himself with his pig picture. Lmfao!!!!.


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