Being a Big Guy is Freaking Awesome: Here’s Why

Credit: Pearse Egan

I’m blown away by how body positive the gay community has become over the past decade.

When I entered this world over 10 years ago there was still this heavy perception (no pun intended) that muscle/twink was the way to go and every other body type was seen on a lower totem pole.


Now men who have some meat on their bones, no matter what kind of meat that is, are desirable in a way that doesn’t involve them being someone’s secret sexual fetish.

Apps like Scruff and Growlr have grown (once again, no pun intended), where millions of like-minded men pursue guys who have a good amount of weight to them.

This has had a big impact on me and many others that I’ve chatted with. I’ve talked several times on Instinct about why I’m happy being the size that I am amid a community that unfortunately deals with an incredible amount of insecurity, body dysmorphia and more.

The reasons I list below about why being a big guy is awesome is not specific to just my body type. It works for all others with the goal of understanding that you yourself are fantastic the way you are and a magazine ad, thirsty Instagram post or shady guys talking about your looks behind your back shouldn’t change that at all.


Here are, in my humble opinion, five reasons why being a husky and handsome dude are fantastic.

We are sexy. Duh. Huskier guys come in all shapes and sizes but are downright sexy to look at. We wear our weight proud no matter what and are happy to display it on and off social media.

Our weight suits us… if we are comfortable in our skin and take care of ourselves health wise. If so, rock on with your bad self.

Ever fantasize about Al (Richard Karn) from Home Improvement or Kevin James in anything? Ding ding, fantasy fulfilled!


More cushion for the pushin. I don’t need to explain this reason.

There’s more to us than just our figures. What if you are one of those guys that has a type and won’t budge on that? Have you thought about going past the exterior and getting to know someone for who they are? You may discover that the way you’ve been approaching love, dating and sex has been all wrong after doing such a thing.

By the way the guy in the photo is Pearse Egan who was one of our Bears You Should Know for 2018! He’s an aspiring actor and a super cute and friendly guy. Follow him on Instagram here.

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