Ben DeLeCreme Disgraces Drag Race Fan!

Ben DeLeCreme Disgraces Drag Race Fan!


SCARY! I was just telling you about how zany the RuPaul’s Drag Race fans can be – one is being sued for leaking spoilers for the current season. The fans – or stans ­– as obsessed fans call themselves, have proved time and time again they are a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Nina Bo’Nina Brown faced extreme backlash on the latest edition of the series for eliminating the widely popular Queen, Valentina. The current season of Drag Race is once again met with crazed fans – one in particular who I hope never sees this article! FOREWARING: I’m about to spill on some Drag Race speculation.

Drag Race: All Stars 3 frontrunner, Ben DeLeCreme, takes to social media exclaiming for fans sending death threats to particular queens to calm the hell down! Yes, death threats are heading towards the contestants after speculation on social media has been flying that DeLeCreme will eventually quit this season – hers to lose – in favor of Morgan McMichaels returning to the competition – only to be eliminated in the very next episode. Personally, I’m getting so exhausted with Drag Race bringing queens back. Yes, it extends an episode and gets them big bucks – but the queen who is always brought back is eliminated in the very next episode due to a bruised ego and a shot to their confidence. It’s tired at this point. I digress.

DeLeCreme makes an elegant, harmless plea to the fans – requesting they leave the other queens alone on mere speculation. This is a reality television series after all. However, with such a young fan base – it’s no joke that some of the youth is quite obsessed at thinking these Queens essentially are on a ride-or-die for the crown. Most of these girls go on to receive mild success afterwards. They are all celebrities in the LGBTQ community – and aren’t dead! – so leave them be!

I commend DeLeCreme for bringing up the obsessed fans and calling them on their BS. If this goes ignored, nothing will happen. Seriously. One fan on social media – I kid you not – defends the fan sending death threats. DeLeCreme fires back once again telling:

“Threats like this don’t need to be humanized. I don’t need to be defended in this way. I am a full grown person, I make my own decisions, I live my own life, I am not anyone’s baby that needs protecting. I have to say I don’t understand your perspective at all. Making threats on another human being is unacceptable. The end.”

Check out DeLeCreme’s plea and confession below. It’s honestly worth your time:

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