Ben Domenech Roasts Seth Meyers On Behalf Of Meghan McCain

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He Stood Up For His Wife, But Were His Homophobic Remarks Necessary?

I’ve taken up for The View co-host Meghan McCain for about two years now. She’s the only reason I necessarily got into the talk show as I was trying to find a way to realize what happened within the last presidential election. She helped me comprehend there are many more subcultures and people in America than the ones I socialize with or see on social media. I’ve thanked her – in my head – for making me not go insane and believing the entire election was rigged and the world was about to burn. Aside from keeping me in check, and educating me about the middle of America, McCain has also been an active ally to the LGBTQ community. This year, she was awarded the Harvey Milk Foundation Medal for her activism for us. But, that doesn’t mean everyone in her life agrees with her values and beliefs, as we have already come to know.


McCain went on the Late Show with Seth Meyers last night. Meyers, a former “boss” of sorts to McCain while she interned at Saturday Night Live, was first quite friendly. Eventually, he became a little abrasive in speaking to her. For the later half of her interview, he focused on McCain’s comments towards Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Omar, as you may be aware, was accused of spreading hate towards Jewish people with a slur of tweets she later apologized for. Meyers focused on Omar’s apology and McCain’s unwillingness to accept it. McCain still stands by her comments, calling Omar’s infamous anti-Semitic tweets “dangerous”. You can check out the clip of them below:

McCain handled herself quite well and the conversation didn’t move the needle anywhere. However, this should’ve been done and over with. This morning, McCain’s husband and owner of the Conservative blog, The Federalist, Ben Domenech, came to her defense and rather immaturely. In a series of now deleted tweets, Domenech managed to throw in a gay innuendo against Meyers claiming he “gargled Lorne Michaels’ balls”. (Michaels is the creator of Saturday Night Live.) Domenech also alleged Meyers is hated throughout Hollywood, is a suck up, talentless, and is anti-Semitic himself. Check out the deleted tweets from an Android cell phone below:

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It’s pretty baffling Domenech would use homophobic, petty insults…because not only is he McCain’s husband, but he fired a contributor from The Federalist for going on a homophobic rant last month. I’m pretty disappointed and hope McCain gave him one of her long tantrums upon seeing his tweets. I get standing up for your wife, but come on, some of the things he said was simply bullish, childish, and had homophobic roots. Any member of the LGBTQ community can read through those tweets.

At the end of the day though, I’d kind of like to see Domenech on Rupaul’s Drag Race if he’s this catty! Talentless? Is someone trying to be the next Y’vie Oddly?

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2 thoughts on “Ben Domenech Roasts Seth Meyers On Behalf Of Meghan McCain”

  1. Poor little Megan. Omar’s remarks are dangerous but nothing trump says is. Sit down you hagered never was. Guess you forgot his hatred drive and followers after your father…oh yeah THAT affected you so it counts but his hatred toward the rest of the coutry isn’t your problem…
    You ARE the problem. On the View in life and by your hypocrisy.

    • Meghan can’t stand Trump and is quick to condemn him when he says hateful comments. You can have a problem with some of Meghan’s conservative political beliefs, but don’t act like she is a Trump supporter. Meghan was never a Trump supporter, even before the trash talk about her dad.
      Hate speech is dangerous no matter who it comes from, whether it is Trump, Meghan’s husband, or a Democratic congresswoman like Omar.


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