Ben Napier Goes From HGTV Bear to Babyface!

Photo Credit: on Instagram

All bodies are beautiful!

Lizzo kind of birthed that standard into reality while she flute-danced into our hearts with consecutive top 10 hits. However, sometimes people need to lose weight because their body demands it, often in the form of a medical condition. Earlier this year, HGTV bear Ben Napier needed an extensive surgery to one of his shoulders, and ever since then he has been getting his body back in shape.


(For the record, I prefer ’em bigger.) 

His wife, Erin, showed off the end result of his weight loss journey in an Instagram video below. 


Looking good, Ben!

Ben and Erin have been a staple on HGTV since 2016. Their show, “Home Town” and/or “Home Town Takeover,” has existed in several well-received incarnations and fan-favorite spinoffs. This reality show fame has led Mr. Napier to other career opportunities like writing a book, ‘Make Something Good Today,’ in 2019 and co-hosting the CMT Awards with Erin in 2022.

The HGTV hunk, 39, is also a former preacher, current philanthropist, historian, woodworker and co-owner of two companies – Scotsman Co., a furniture store, and Laurel Mercantile Co, a home apparel store. 

Let’s take a look at some of Ben’s best looks while congratulating him on continued health and wellness! 



(source: Today)

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