Ben Whishaw Opens Up About Mental Health As an Openly Gay Actor

Ben Whishaw is starring in the Oscar-qualifying short film ‘Good Boy’, which is a story about love, loss and human connection, as well as highlights the topic of mental health.

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The 43-year old English actor and producer is portraying the character of Danny, and the official synopsis of the short reads:


“Danny’s attempt to rob a bank with his overbearing mum is scuppered by the appearance of their family doctor. With his mum in the back of his van, and a dead pigeon on the passenger seat, Danny has a growing sense of desperation. But as more and more figures arrive to disrupt his day, we begin to sense that everything is not as it seems…”

Aside from Whishaw, ‘Good Boy’ is also starring Marion Bailey as Danny’s “sweetly chaotic” mom Jackie, as well as Dino Fetscher as the handsome stranger named Leon. In a recent interview with Attitude, Whishaw gushed over his dashing love interest.

“Well, he’s [Fetscher] rather gorgeous, isn’t he? So, no acting required there really,” he shared, talking about their on-screen chemistry.

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The actor also reacted to Fetscher’s chat-up line, “fancy some gnocchi?”, to which Whishaw expressed:

“It’s really quite good isn’t it? Especially delivered in a Welsh accent. Everything I can think of is too filthy to be printed here.”

Moreover, the ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ star noted his hope for the short film to help other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I hope this film helps someone, yes. Although I tend not to really like things that are trying too hard to do something to an audience. I prefer things that allow an audience to choose for themselves how they wish to feel or think. This film is gentle and kind and gives the audience space,” he stated.


‘Good Boy’ is written and directed by Tom Stuart.

Not to mention, Whishaw also opened up about his personal experience on mental health, and how therapy helped him overcome the hatred of being gay, expressing:

“I think therapy is great. I’ve only gone through two phases of therapy, but it was incredibly helpful to me both times – and then I think it leaves you with some useful ways to structure your thinking and your relationship with yourself and other people.”

“I think everyone should try it. I wish it were more readily available,” the actor added.


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  1. He’s starred in some great gay movies-TV shows. My personal favorite was London Spy which I recently re-watched and wow was it great. He’s in a newer gay series I haven’t had a chance to see but got great reviews called This is Gonna Hurt.


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