Best–And Worst–Coming Out Stories From Whisper

  Coming out is a complex thing. The anonymous app Whisper lets you post your truth without showing who posted it. Not surprisingly there's a lot of gay content, including coming out stories.

The folks at Queerty collected some of the best. Scroll down to see some of our favorites below.

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3 thoughts on “Best–And Worst–Coming Out Stories From Whisper”

  1. I came out twice and both
    I came out twice and both were involuntary. The first was when my mother found a love note from Patrick in my car. She had a hard time dealing with it and cried a lot. She claimed that I could be cured by having a taste of vagina. Yes, she really said that. Life moved on and years later I came out again involuntary when I appeared in a local paper serving Champaign to LGBT veterans after the repeal of DADT. And there were more years from mom and a long letter, but this time dad knew. He didn’t say anything and just kept being the same dad and I kept being the same awesome son. I’m still not sure if my siblings really know and I’m 42 with no kids and no girlfriend. Guess they’ll figure it out sooner or ladder.

  2. When I came out to my mom she

    When I came out to my mom she said (being a VERY strict Irish Catholic) that she would never accept that lifestyle. (She eventually came around). My siblings couldn't have cared less. My cousins all had no problem with it either. Only her.

  3. When I came out my mum s
    When I came out my mum s aid ab out time and said I love you even more Your my son i miss my so much god rest her soul Xoxo


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