Bestseller ‘The Pink Marine’ Adapted to TV by Netflix

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A groundbreaking novel adaption was recently greenlit by Netflix, which is turning out to be a very safe space for queer content. 

The Pink Marine, written by Greg Cope White, was released by About Face Books in 2016 and it became a bestseller on that platform. Somewhat based on true events, the novel follows a closeted gay youth in the 1990s who ultimately decides to join the Marine Corps with his straight best friend. White, the author himself, is a gay man and former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. 


A television adaption of the book, currently going forward as The Corps, has received a 10-episode first season courtesy of Netflix. It’s due to shoot under the Sony Pictures Television blanket with Act III Productions. 

Variety summarizes the show as:


Cameron, a bullied, gay high school student joins the Marine Corps with his straight best friend, Ray — a dangerous move when being gay in the military meant jail time or worse. As these two friends plunge into Marine Corps boot camp, where the landmines are both literal and metaphorical, they join a platoon of young men on a harrowing journey of transformation.

Given the history of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and rampant homophobia in the 1990s, I’m sure The Corps is going to be a tense, thrilling, dramatic series – if not somewhat homoerotic. 


Confirmed, lead cast members include Miles Heizer (13 Reasons Why), Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel), Max Parker (Vampire Academy) and Liam Oh. The show is written and executive produced by showrunner Andy Parker with executive producer Norman Lear. Variety has a list of other confirmed cast. 


While we wait for The Corps to debut (hopefully) in 2024, you can always download the original novel on Amazon by clicking here

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  1. Miles is literally one of the cutest gay actors. I have such a crush on him. Can’t wait for this new gay series. I remember Lt. Dan Choi being one of the most vocal about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I hope they mention him as well.


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