BETTY Talks Invigorating ‘Pride’ Anthem, Upcoming Album, & More

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BETTY, the award-winning indie rock trio of sisters Elizabeth and Amy Ziff, and their bestie, Alyson Palmer, is giving a special nod to the LGBTQ+ community this year with the release of their invigorating new anthem, “Pride.” Featuring beats by Mexican Grammy Award-winning DJ Human Fader and produced by Jason Carmer from Dischord Record, the band launched the single with a special concert at Joe’s Pub in New York City.

This is BETTY’s first recording in seven years, and the track will be part of their upcoming album, EAT.  

“Pride” Cover Art

“BETTY headlines LGBTQ+ Prides all over the world,” the band says. “Amy suggested we rush onstage under a glorious voiceover to announce our set. That’s her voice kicking off our song, ‘Pride.’ Elizabeth laid down a beat, Alyson started chanting ‘If they try to stop us, time to RISE!,’ and the three of us burst into song. Across the nation, as more rights are being challenged, this song is about the joy of living, loving, and dancing for yourself in community. We wrote the song to spread that cheer: music for people to march, to chant, and to cha cha. BETTY believes in effective forward motion through music, celebration, and with love all the way!”

Since their formation in 1986, this trailblazing group has been crafting addictively melodic music that resonates with diverse audiences. Their live shows are passionate, theatrical, and inspiring, showcasing a talent that matches their dedication as activists advocating for global equality.

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In addition to their robust touring and appearance schedule, BETTY has written, performed, and appeared on multiple television shows including Ugly Betty and Encyclopedia, but they will forever be associated with writing and performing the iconic theme song for Showtime’s hit show The L Word, as well as having many other songs played throughout the series’ run. 

Instinct recently caught up with with Alyson and Elizabeth to talk more about “Pride” and their forthcoming album. The pair also discuss what Pride personally means to them, the key to staying successful for almost 40 years, how they are appealing to newer generations of listeners, and future goals they hope to accomplish as a band.

Image via Erin Schaff

Check out the full video interview below.



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