Beyoncé’s Dropping A New Album In July!

Beyonce in Loza Maléombho “Already” // Photo: Courtesy Parkwood Entertainment / Disney +

This is a RED ALERT! This is a RED ALERT! This is NOT A DRILL! Beyoncé is COMING BACK!!!!

Get ready to drown from the next tidal wave of pop culture. And, of course, her name is Beyoncé. The famous singer is known for suddenly dropping albums on fans and hitting a cultural reset in the process. From her Beychella documentary Homecoming and its live album companion, to her Lemonade visual album, and even her Black is King visual album that went along with the 2019 Lion King movie. Beyoncé has been serving fans visuals, vibes, and vocals for several years now. And it looks like the artist is getting ready to do it again. And interestingly, she’s giving us a heads up this time.

The craze around Beyoncé’s incoming return started late last week when fans noticed a change in the singer’s social media pages. Fans woke up to find that Beyoncé removed the profile pictures from all her social media accounts.


🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝SHE’S COMING🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #beyonce #fyp

♬ Ring The Alarm – Déjà Vu

But that’s not all. Yesterday, Beyoncé’s BeyGood foundation shared a collage to honor Black Music Month. Within the collage, there’s the image of an unidentified album cover placed in the bottom right corner next to Brandy’s B7 album. The image shows a hand pointing at Brandy’s album and seems to be a hinting at Beyoncé’s own “B7” (as this would be her seventh album).

But the real reveal came out in the late hours of the night. Beyoncé has since updated her social media to say, “act i  RENAISSANCE 7.29.”

To go with that, Beyoncé’s Instagram account uploaded SEVERAL new images earlier today. One of them is a cover photo with British Vogue. It seems the artist did a special spread with the magazine, and it will also drop in July.

But what’s most interesting is that it seems this album is the first part in either a pair or a series of albums. We also know that 16 songs will be a part of this project. But, we don’t know if the 16 songs are just within part i or if they will be spread throughout the project’s multiple parts.

So get excited Beyhive, your queen is returning! With only a little over a month before the drop of Renaissance, music fans are getting excited online.

If you want to join the fun and prepare for Beyoncé’s return, you can pre-save and pre-buy the project before its July 29 release. Four box sets are available with a different T-shirt included in each. They also comes with a CD, a 28-page photo booklet, and a mini poster.

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