Beyonce Making ALL Bathrooms On The Entire Tour Gender Neutral

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Get ready for Queen Bee vs. Ron DeSantis. The Crazy In Love singer just kicked off her ninth world tour last week. The Renaissance tour opened in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday May 9th. Named after her seventh album the almost three hour show is structured into three different musical segments. The tour has already been touted as Bey’s queerest tour ever.

Enter Florida Governor and the man who hates Mickey Mouse – Ron DeathSantis. The 44-year-old former Congressional Representative has quickly become enemy number of the queer community. Besides waging a war with Disney, the racist, sexist, homophobic DeSantis has made eradicating drag queens and the Transgender community priority number one for his administration. 


Our gal Beyonce announced that ALL the restrooms on her tour will be gender neutral. And on August 16th the Halo singer arrives in Tampa to perform to a sold out crowd of Beyhives. We wonder how this is all going to shake out.




Long a champion for the LGBTQ community the Formation singer shows her solidarity with the queer community throughout the concert. As previously reported by The Advocate, “Some of the first fans who entered the stadium were met with a massive widescreen image of the Progress Pride Flag backing the stage, leading to dozens of social media posts celebrating Beyoncé’s commitment to pride.” The lovefest did not end there as the Irreplaceable singer

“hired noteworthy LGBTQ+ talent for her tour cast, including ballroom dancer Honey Balenciaga and New Orleans legend Big Freedia. At one point, the star hosted a dazzling onstage ball, again winning praise from queer fans on social media.” 




The stage is set for a battle royale. Three months from tomorrow. August 16th. Tampa. Beyonce vs. DeSantis. Our money is on the THIRTY-TWO time Grammy Award winning superstar. DeathSantis has already been taking a beating with Disney out maneuvering him at every turn. (Fun fact the Governor actually got married in the house the mouse built. Bet he really hates when people share that photo…)




Grab your popcorn and get ready for a show(down.) What about you Instincters? Anyone have tickets for the Tampa show? Sound off in the comments below.





Source: The Advocate

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  1. How about her performance in Dubai? Were those bathrooms gender neutral? We she waving gay and trans flags around there? Her activism is performative and reserved to western nations.


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