Beyonce’s Security Guard Becomes Internet Sensation

Photo Credit: @beyonce on Instagram

I like feeling that much body is in danger, so I would definitely rush a celebrity just to be tackled to the ground. If the security guard looked like thisPhew! No regrets.

Security detail and professional body builder James Plaza went viral this week after being recorded at a Beyonce concert. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Queen Bey is currently on her Renaissance World Tour – which was recently confirmed as the highest grossing tour by a female singer in history. The moment happened during her stop in Landover, Maryland.


Let’s look at the match that lit the flame below.ย 

Plaza, while safeguarding the front of the stage, can be seen smirking when the entire crowd fell mute on cue.ย 


Internet detectives went to work and discovered the hot security guard’s identity before plastering it around social media, causing the body builder to go viral.ย 

Maybe too viral for James’ liking, perhaps. As of this writing, most of his social media platforms have gone dark or been marked as private.ย 


Still, I was able to find a few photos of this stud by utilizing a Google image search. Clearly, the video taken of James at the Beyonce concert didn’t showcase his best attribute – his upper body.ย 

I also found a video of one of his body building competitions in 2002.ย 

I’m glad to see that internet celebrity status has not gone to his head and instead he prefers to live a life not under the spotlight. Just goes to prove that Mr. James Plaza is enviably attractive as well as a down to earth guy.

Now… Back to Beyonce, you go!

Source: ET Online

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