BH90210 Surprises With Bisexual Character

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Gabrielle Carteris Demands West Beverly’s Over Achiever Explores Her Sexuality!

If you’re a diehard Beverly Hills, 90210 fan like me, you’ve been fixated on the latest reboot- or rehashing- of the series simply titled, BH90210. We learned in the premiere episode that it would be tongue in cheek, show-within-a-show. The rehash was created by 90210 veterans Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth and surrounds the real-life actors from the original series playing exaggerated versions of themselves who are considering the idea of a 90210 reboot in modern day. I know it sounds a little complicated, but the presentation is flawless. We’re two episodes into the six-episode rehash and finally we’ve gotten an LGBTQ character that we’ve always wanted.

While we may not have our fan fiction dreams come true, Jason Priestley’s Brandon Walsh is not the newly gay character. Or any of the sexy guys for that matter. Instead, we got our favorite booksmart beauty, Gabrielle Carteris’ Andrea Zuckerman, who comes to terms as a bisexual in the inflated version of herself. Again, it’s a show-within-a-show-within-a-show kind of thing. Inception times three, the actors are portraying themselves, yes, but this isn’t a “reality” show.

This is the first time we’ve had a leading 902010 character be openly LGBTQ. In this case, Carteris is bisexual, although she’s married to a man and has a newborn child. We’re still barely into the season, but so far we’ve witnessed the former editor of West Beverly’s student newspaper, The Blaze, make out with a woman and reveal to her former co-stars that she’s questioned her sexuality for years, but was too afraid to come out of the closet until now. The actress in the show demands her return to Zuckerman battles with her sexuality, as if art is intimating life. Carteris also demands to show inclusion on screen, which is great considering in actual reality she is the President of the Screen Actors Guild of America. Safe to say she’s pulling for our community and has given a cute little nod to all of the LGBTQ superfans that she sees us!

Two episodes into the rehash have so much more delicious soap opera-y drama that made the ‘90s series so special. Besides Carteris coming to terms with her sexuality, we have a 90210 superfan/stalker who is tormenting the stars, Ian Zeiring and Brian Austin Green being daddy AF, and are still waiting the return of Shannen Doherty, who famously was fired from the original show for being an alleged monster behind the scenes. Color me glued.

In the meantime, for your 90210 cravings, you should definitely check out the superfan podcast, The Blaze with Lizzie And Kat! I mean, I did make an appearance on the podcast to discuss the “fire episode” from the original series fifth season and my love of Christine Elise AKA Emily Valentine. Where did they find me? From my many Instinct Magazine articles of my fandom. When you aren’t busy reliving the past, they are up to date on the latest BH90210 episodes as well, so you’ll have plenty of content to browse.

Are you keeping up with the 90210 rehash?! I need to know what your thinking!

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  1. I was so excited about the reboot, until they wrote in the bisexual character. Why does Fox think that the world is on board with this lifestyle? I have decided not to watch it for that one reason. Very disappointed. The rest of it was really great.


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