Imagine Getting Gay Pics From Your Politician

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Bhai Jagtap is being laughed at by his colleagues and constitutes.

Bhai Jagtap is a member of the Indian National Congress and the President of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee. And despite his success in government, Jagtap is facing controversy over NSFW posts uploaded to his Facebook page. And according to OPInida, this isn’t the first time.


Over the weekend, Jagtap’s Facebook page was loaded with gay pornography. Several images of men performing oral sex on each other were posted to the page. Several people also received the pictures in direct messages from Jagtap’s account. The account was quickly suspended. Jagtap then issued a statement saying his account was hacked and accused “degraded minds” of committing “filthy acts.”

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“This morning, my Facebook account was hacked!” he wrote. “With the help of my team and cyber specialists my account has been fully restored and recovered.”

He continued, “Please inore the messages in inbox from the page as reported by several users, as it may be subject to viruses. These filthy actions by some degraded minds, will be brought to justice. Nothing can stop us, we will continue to fight!”


OPIndia claims that this isn’t the first time that Bhai Jagtap has uploaded NSFW imagery to his Facebook account. Jagtap, however, continues to state this incident was caused by a hacker. He vowed to find the hacker and punish him. Meanwhile, according to Queerty, many social media users have laughed at the situation. That’s evident by the more than 1.5 thousand people who’ve reacted to Jagtap’s Facebook statement with the laugh emoji.

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  1. Lmfao, the typical, “my page got hacked excuse”. Another political closet case more than likely sucking cock in the park bathrooms, right, Lindsey Graham??? a.k.a Lady G 🤣😅😂


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