Watch 4 Bi Men Try Grindr For The First Time

Image via Grindr

Bi men are sharing their true experiences on Grindr.

Last Friday was bi-visibility day. In order to honor and celebrate that, Grindr released a new video on YouTube. The video shows four men who identify as bisexual trying Grindr for the first time. At the start of the video, Joshua Montoya (@joshuamontoya), Dio Reynoso (@dioreynoso), Anton Sebel (@antonsebel), and Nick Masc (@nickmasc) say that they’ve been wanting to try Grindr for a while now.


“Every single friend uses it, but I’ve never actually explored it all,” says Nick.

“I can’t imagine messaging someone with no photo or anything,” Josh added. “You have no idea who you’re talking to.”

“I know, right?” Nick responds. “But you know what their dick looks like.”

The men then filled out their first Grindr profiles and received messages.


“What does it mean when someone just sends you a picture and it says, ‘looking?’” asks Dio. Thankfully, the other guys were there to fill him in.

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After having some fun on the app, the four guys talked about their lives as bi men. When talking misconceptions, the talked admitted some people they’ve dated assume their either horny or not really bi.

“A lot of times, I feel like girls have an insecurity if you’re not straight,” Josh explains.


“It’s way easier with bisexual girls, but with straight girls it usually never works,” Anton adds.

Nevertheless, the group is open about their sexualities and sexual interests. They talk dating advice, dating online, sexual preferences, and more.

You can watch all of that and more in the video above.

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