Bianca Del Rio Also Spills The Tea (On HIV)

Porn stars Bishop Black and Kayden Gray star in 'Undetectable Equals Fucking Untransmittable'
L-R Bishop Black and Kayden Gray (courtesy photo)

Adult film star Kayden Gray recently launched a humorous, thought-provoking adult film, U Equals F*cking U.

The film aims to destigmatize HIV and support the science-based messaging of Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U) – the concept that people living with HIV who achieve an undetectable viral load can’t transmit the virus to others during sex.


The movie co-stars Bishop Black, and features Ru Paul’s Drag Race fan favorite Bianca Del Rio, who appears throughout the film with an upbeat, light-hearted approach to doling out the facts about HIV and U=U.

In the film, Kayden and Bishop chat on an app and decide to hook up. After a few words at the door, Bishop shares he’s new to gay sex but the boys jump right in.

Action, action, kissing, kissing, and more ensues. The fun lasts until Kayden, who is HIV+ but has an undetectable viral load, realizes the condom is missing.

Drag diva Bianca Del Rio
Drag diva Bianca Del Rio (screen capture)

The moment offers an opportunity to share important info about U=U. Enter Bianca Del Rio who spills the tea on HIV.

“A lot of people are behind U=U in theory,” says Gray about the film. “But when it comes to practice, people tip-toe around the idea and aren’t comfortable when it comes down to it.”

Jose Ramos, who consulted on the film, founded Impulse Group in Los Angeles in 2009 with the mission to help gay men make healthy lifestyle choices. What started in the city of West Hollywood as a local grassroots social movement has now become the only international volunteer gay group in the world, with 25 Impulse Chapters in 12 countries.

Ramos underscores the message of U=U saying that “having condomless sex while someone is undetectable eliminates the risk to being exposed to HIV.”

L-R Bishop Black and Kayden Gray
L-R Bishop Black and Kayden Gray (courtesy photo)

We can’t post Kayden’s adult film here, but you can click here to see Part One (totally NSFW) available now. Part Two drops on February 17.

We can share with you Del Rio’s over-the-top and fun contribution to the film in this short clip “Bianca Del Rio spills the tea on HIV | How To Stay Neg.”

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