Bianca Del Rio Claps Back At Ann Coulter

After everyone's fan favorite Ann Coulter went on a Twitter tirade with Delta Airlines after giving away her seat to someone else, thousands have chimed in to retaliate against her. I mean, who is going to have any sympathy for the Babadook?

The floodgate of responses come after she tweeted an identifying photo of the individual who was sitting in her seat.

Even Delta began to fire at Coulter for her over-exaggerated tweets and defamation of the person who had taken her seat.

But the ultimate clap back comes from our favorite clown Bianca Del Rio who responded to Coulter’s nonsense with the following


LOVE YOU @delta AIRLINES….. @anncoulterofficial IS A ROTTED C#NT! #miserablebitch #toobadyouarenotadiamondmember

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And then this…


THIS BITCH……..@anncoulterofficial @delta #tryme #nottodaysatan

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That’s why we love you, Bianca! Your ability to stay “FIRST CLASSY” while reading the people to filth. “Keep Climbing” – Delta Airlines.



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  1. I get the frustration about

    I get the frustration about her getting the seat given away, but she lost me with her comment that it cost her $10,000 to sit on her computer for ten minutes and pick which seat that she wanted. How stuck up do you have to be? I'm glad Bianca put her in her place.


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