Biceps, Beaches, Balls & More

Checking in on some of our favorite InstaHunks this week…


Wilhelmina model Pierre Vuala (above) shares a moment from a good day ‘where the sun resides.’

Marc Burgum admits he’s been short on his gym selfie game since the pandemic began but is doing his best to rectify the situation.

Chicago-based trainer Michael (the self-styled Blacktain America) had a moment with Spiderman at the Chicago Museum’s Marvel exhibit:


Dental doc Curtis Fitzgerald urges us to up our kitchen game, and trust us – the hunger is real:


Tyler James celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some green, four-leaf clovers and Irish coffee:

Designer Anthony Varrecchia showed of some country living in the Catskills:


Bremen Menelli has a sports ball and he’s not afraid to use it:

Dan Tai shared his favorite beach in Bali, Indonesia:


On the first day of spring, The Griffopotamus was already trying out new swim lewks in advance of warmer weather:

Fitness guru Nathan McCallum had fun in the sun with his favorite fur-ball. Check him navigating that sandy beach – those thighs aren’t just for looking at:

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