Bieber, Gronk, And T.O. Give Us A Little Lesson In Celebrating While Tambor Takes Us To The Cleaners.

When talking about celebrity crushes, mine always starts at the top.  At 6 foot 6, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is one of the bigger boys on my list.  When he was injured and then had surgery earlier this season, I was saddened to know he would not return in time to play in the big game. 

Thanks to the magic of television, I'll see my Gronk more than once on Super Bowl Sunday.  One of his two commercials is with Jeffrey Tambor in a spot for Tide.


In a new Super Bowl commercial for Tide, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski portrays the owner of a dry cleaners aptly named ‘Gronk’s Cleaners.’ His only customer? None other than Transparent actor Jeffrey Tambor!

The 6-foot-6, 265-lb. athlete and the actor became close off set, when Tambor accidentally walked in on Gronkowski during some self-reflection in the makeup trailer before the shoot.

He caught me flexing… as a joke,” explains Gronkowski, whose favorite Tambor character is George Bluth, Sr. from Arrested Development. “I called him Jerry and the banter started rolling from that point!”


Those arms. That look.  That emptiness. I don't think he's too empty actually.  I am sure he's still getting paid to be at the game and now he's in at least two commercials that we know paid well.  There's also a rumor that he has not spent any of his Patriots salary, but instead has just lived off of endorsements and bonuses. Now he has a Tide check and also a T-Mobile check.

In his other released Super Bowl commercial, Gronk does what he does best, spiking the football.  The story board for this T-Mobile commercial has Justin Bieber himself narrating the history of football celebrations. Gronk as a cave man?  Type casting just a little?  We also get to see another football hottie, Terrell Owens show us his moves.  Eventually Justin breaks out his nerdy moves to match his glasses and attire.


Was it just me or did Justin look better with his clothes on?  We love the hairstyle, too. 

Gronk's still my first choice, but Terrell and Justin would be fun.  Hell, Tambor would be a blast, too.

Thanks for the laughs, Gronk.  Best of luck to your/our Pats and see you next season!


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