Big Brother 19 Has Been An Absolute Catastrophic Failure

I have been a huge fan of Big Brother, and not just a casual "late in the game" type fan who started watching three years ago like many of the people who are cast for the show.  No, I'm taking it all the way back, back before Janelle, Rachel, Dan, Evil Dick, Howie and crazy Rennie.  We're talking Chicken George in Season 1 realness is how far back I go to when it comes to how much I have loved this game, and the show has had some pretty amazing seasons over the course of about twenty years.

Season 19 however, has been an absolute joke to watch and is a telltale sign of where this show is heading if the producers don't try and switch things up based on how this summer has gone.  It's sort of hard to figure out where to begin, but I'll give the abridged version to save myself from going on an insane rant.

I didn't even watch in the beginning, as the thought of bringing BB18's Paul back was infuriating, as his smug and cocky attitude turned me off so much that even having to stomach him for another goaround was too much for me.  Alas, Paul has become the Boston Rob (Survivor) of this season, in that he has led all of his sheep to the slaughterhouse with many of them willing to take the hit for him.  

And therein, lies the biggest problem.  There isn't a single person in the house that is left (with the exception of Christmas and Josh, maybe) who is there to win the game and $500,000.  A common trait I have noticed in shows like these is that many people who go on just want to get to the jury house in hopes that something will happen to further their career outside of this game.  They seem to forget that it is a game, and that couldn't have been truer this season.

Let's break this down.  Whether you hated Jody (Cody and Jessica), they were there to play the game and did a great job but were so vilified by the rest of the house that they couldn't that far.  Fine.  You have Mark and Elena (I love Mark, especially the videos from him in the house), but all he did was cry and did nothing strategically to further himself or her in the game.  If anything, they made each others games worse which is why they left back to back.

The third and final couple, and I'm saving the best for last, is Raven and Matt.  How anyone can actually deal with Raven for more than 24 hours seriously deserves a gold medal and maybe some money, as the lies she has said in the game are absolutely insane at this point (just look up #ravenexposedparty), and Matt and some of the other houseguests eat everything up.  Whereas I don't doubt that she has physical ailments in her life, a lot of what she says is so stretched and easily fabricated that it's hard to really believe her.

For as hot as Matt is, he is clearly the worst houseguest ever in that he spent the whole summer doing Raven and eating cereal.  He broke rules left and right while he was supposed to be on slop, and only ever started playing the game once he was on the block and going home.  Bye.  Seriously bye.  Even Julie Chen, who is so great at still giving an interesting interview to some of these idiot houseguests, couldn't hold her shade in regarding his gameplay and it was pretty amazing to watch.

Taking Raven, Christmas, Paul and Josh out, we have three others who don't even deserve to sit on those couches anymore, let alone be in the game at this point.  Kevin hasn't won anything, Jason at least wins but can't strategize for s**t, and Alex is just riding Paul's coattails while having such arrogance that she will beat him in the end.  LOL.  Seriously LOL.

Remember those names I spoke of in the first paragraph?  For the most part, those are Big Brother legends who did everything they could to get to the end of the game and ultimately win.  They didn't play for anyone else, they played for themselves, and was there for a purpose.  Not to eat cereal, not to give someone else the money, but to really and truthfully win the game of Big Brother.  I mean, even the weather gave up on the show with the HOH competition last week, and it rarely rains in Southern California.

That being said, here's hoping Season 20 and beyond will find its way back to how the show used to be, because if its anything like this season, then it will only be a matter of time before it evicts itself.  


What do you think?