Big Dipper Wants You to Shake That Weight at His Car Wash

Ever driven past one of those car washes on the boulevard and decided to turn the car around based on the hot piece of ass with a wet t-shirt they had holding the sign? And how many of those times have you put in park and stepped out to a group of beefy bears and otters in daisy dukes lathering up those hoods and spraying the windshields? What’s that?! NEVER?! Well pull out your $5 cuz today's the day the teddy bears have their car wash! 

Los Angeles-based fur daddy and DJ, Big Dipper and his crew of thick & juicy men are here to service you in the new video for LOOKIN.

The queer artist whose claim to fame has been his infatuation with La Croix and hairy mermaid life has dropped his first single off his forthcoming full length album Late Bloomer due out later this summer.

The video features men of all sizes, colors, and shapes getting soapy and wet while twerking and dropping it low like nobody’s biznASS. LOOKIN is the perfect anthem to get you through your drunken summer days and video is here to empower big boys everywhere that they are fluffy and fierce!

As a boy with some junk in the trunk myself, this video is refreshing, no pun intended. Big Dipper and his army of thickums showcase body positivity like you’ve never seen it before. It’s about turning heads, leaving in an impression, and making them bitches eat it–unapologetically. And after all, aren’t we tired of all the fat shaming that goes on in the gay community? I mean–come on, people, we like pizza and beer too!

I got in touch with Big Dipper and he shared some key elements that make LOOKIN the jam (or is it jelly?) that you need to be spreadin’:

Where did the idea for LOOKIN come from?

Right after I wrote the song with So Drove, the idea of a car wash just came to me for the visual and I held onto that. Even before the song was completed I was hell bent on making a big boy car wash music video no matter what lol. It just seemed like the right fit for the track…something upbeat and dancey and celebratory for summer.  It turned out so great and I'm super happy with the music video.



How did you get a hold of all these thick and beefy mens for your video?

Casting was really intense…there was definitely a lot of internet stalking and asking friends to reach out to people on my behalf.  I really wanted to include a wide range of guys and I knew it was important for me to showcase guys who aren't in the nightlife or music scene. We obviously had some dancers and performers in the video….but most of the guys are just naturally confident, outgoing, and like to move. I not only wanted body diversity, but also a wide range of life experiences and interests within the cast.

The dancing in LOOKIN is fierce—how much was rehearsed choreography and how much was improvised?

We had an incredible choreographer. Her name is Melissa Schade and this was our first project working together. She totally got me and my aesthetic and exactly what I wanted to accomplish with the video. When she showed me the dance moves I was immediately obsessed.  All the group movements are totally choreographed and her vision…much of the solo stuff was improvised.

What does LOOKIN (and ultimately your music) say about body image?

LOOKIN really reflects my confidence on my best days. The vibe of the song is a reminder that confidence and loving yourself is the most empowering thing you can do.  It is so much more effective to love yourself in the skin you're in than to be ashamed and constantly beat yourself up for not looking like other people. Everyone is sexy to someone.

Watch Big Dipper’s video for LOOKIN which will make you wanna shake that weight with your big boy bliss:



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