Big Dipper’s ‘FEELS LIKE’ is Giving Hot Bear Summer

The end of summer may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean the summer bops have to end. Sure, Beyoncé’s Renaissance has left the queers quivering, but it’s time to put some new music into your summer playlist rotation. Enter Los Angeles-based recording artist Big Dipper, who has arrived just in time for hot bear summer perfection!

FEELS LIKE ft. vincethealien

Big Dipper has just released his new song and music video for FEELS LIKE, which features vincethealien. The song offers a laid back flow from Big Dipper, with a funky musical groove and a catchy hook from vincethealien. FEELS LIKE features vocals from vincethealien, an intergalactic harmony obsessed creature who’s silky vocals elevate this summertime pop fantasy.

FEELS LIKE video screenshot

The video features a lush backyard pool party full of cuties, booties, and bubbles. It’s hard to not break a sweat with Big Dipper as a poolside pin-up and slutty lifeguard (Dipper’s words, not ours!).

Video screenshot

And if the poolside shenanigans aren’t enough for you, Big Dipper has a treat as he drops a smash cut into a grimey sexy cover of Kelis’ Milkshake–and yes, it do bring all the boys to the yard. Big Dipper has been performing the track live at his shows all summer, transporting music lovers back to 2003 with a chunky twist. The moment in the music video takes viewers from the pool to the streets where Dipper and his posse of puss give us some roller skating action.


FEELS LIKE was written by Big Dipper, vincethealien, and So Drove, a long time Big Dipper collaborator. The music video was created in collaboration with director and choreographer Melissa Schade, and editor and director of photography Kain O’Keefe.

Big Dipper said “I’ve loved working with Melissa as a choreographer in the past, and I was so excited for her to direct this video because she has such an eye for how to capture movement. Her passion for making fun art pieces and her amazing skill at pulling talent together to shine on screen is so evident here.”

Video screenshot



Big Dipper is a Los Angeles-based recording artist. He has been making music since 2011 and has established himself as a mainstay in the independent music scene by releasing an extensive catalog of viral music videos and songs with a queer perspective, a comedic edge, and a body positive message.

Big Dipper is known for his creative video concepts, including his 2017 ode to sparkling water LaCroix Boi, his banana-centric thicc boy raunchy track Chunkita, and the body positive viral anthem Lookin, complete with a viral fat boy car wash music video. Big Dipper has garnered over 4 Million Views on the YouTube channel: bigdippermusic, and delivers an impressive stage show that features choreographed dance routines, costume reveals, and twisted song covers. Big Dipper has performed internationally at Pride events, music festivals, club nights, and bear parties; as well as locally at your favorite gay bars.

Big Dipper can also be heard co-hosting his podcast “Sloppy Seconds with Big Dipper and Meatball” for MOM Podcasts every Tuesday and Friday. He also works as a producer on the award winning podcast “Race Chaser with Alaska and Willam.”



Originally born on Mars and sent to Earth, crash landing in Los Angeles to spread the gospel about his universe, vincethealien is an intergalactic, harmony obsessed creature and his music is the record of his mission to find a people to share his journey of love and lust with.

Explore more of the vincethealien universe & become a part of the #AlienGang at

Video screenshot

VIDEO and SONG for FEELS LIKE out now!

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