Matthew Fears Going to a Conversion Camp on ‘Big Mouth’s New Season

Credit: Netflix

It was a massive surprise for fans of the Netflix animated series Big Mouth when they dropped the trailer for its upcoming season on Friday, November 13.


The popular series, which chronicles teenagers and their often confusing puberty years, appears to be going with a theme that was quite relatable for most of us at that age. Yes, anxiety has taken over for many of them after they dealt with depression and shame in previous seasons.

Big Mouth‘s trailer begins with Nick (Nick Kroll), Jessi (Jessi Glaser) and Andrew (John Mulaney) at some sort of summer camp. Nick gets mad at a fellow attendee which leads to him running into the woods and being bitten by Tito, the anxiety mosquito. 

Tito totally acts his part as he wreaks havoc on the minds of many of the main characters. “Can I point something out? Everything is kind of crumbling around you,” he says to a worried Jessi. YUP! Totally relatable then and now.

Matthew (Andrew Rannells) looks to be fully embracing his sexuality by coming out to his father which leads him to question how he will react. “I’m gay and that might mean that you’re going to send me to a conversion camp or make me watch Wedding Crashers!” he tells his dad.


You also see Matthew lock lips with another guy so perhaps there’s romance on the horizon for the TMZ-esque morning announcements student

There’s also Missy (Ayo Edebiri) trying to part with her overalls, Jessi apparently dealing with her period for the first time in her life and Connie The Hormone Monster (Maya Rudolph) being her usual funny self. Should be interesting to see what’s in store for this beloved Emmy-winning show. 

Big Mouth premieres December 4 on Netflix. 

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