Bijou 2020 Vintage Gay Video Box Calendar Brings In The New Year With A Bang

2020 Bijou Vintage Porn Calendar

A few weeks ago, I posted about a vintage gay porn brand called Bijou, an extension business of the infamous and now-shuttered Bijous theater in Chicago. The Bijou opened in 1970 and ultimately became the longest-running gay porn theater and sex club in the country, closing its doors for good in 2015.

The Bijou not only screened the most unadulterated gay adult films in the industry, but it also produced films well establishing itself as a force in gay erotica on an international level. Today, The Bijou is still in business but now as the world’s leading vintage gay porn retailer. They specialize in locating and distributing the most popular porn titles, including hit films by hot yesteryear superstars Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke, and Joe Gage.


In addition to selling retro flicks, The Bijou offers fun vintage porn merchandise. One of the newest must-have items for fans of vintage erotica is Bijou’s new 2020 Calendar. Each month is represented by a cover art image from classic gay porn. It’s a smart idea, one that leaves both a little and a lot to the imagination at once.

I’m not sure if there was any scientific correlation they used to match a particular month with a specific porn cover based on personality traits or otherwise, but in my case, I was shook! I’m a black man with a somewhat athletic build who recently discovered an affinity for jockstraps. I was also born in January, and look what porn cover just so happens to represent that month. Coincidence?

January Cover Image / Bullet Productions “8”

In which month were you born? Check out Bijou 2020 Vintage Porn Box Calendar and see if they nailed you … I mean nailed it.

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