Biles Gets Her Meet & Greet With Efron, Or Was It The Other Way Around?

One of the cutest things about the Olympics has been Simone Biles. Period. But there's also her sweet school girl crush on Zac Efron. Believe us Simone, we know how you feel.  In this video, we have a pretty good summation of Biles and Efron's interactions so far.

That story was up to date until just a little over an hour ago. Here are some pics posted on the NBC Olympic Facebook Page showing an Olympic meeting.

They're in the same room!

There was a kiss on the cheek, but it was from him!

Nice to see teammates share.

You'll have to click on the video pic below to head over to NBC's Olympics page.


Thanks Simone for being a great inspiration to boys and girls around the world. And thanks Zac and all the other stars that have been showing their support for our Olympic athletes. 

Now if he would only answer my tweets and invites to come over. 


h/t:  NBC Olympics Facebook Page.

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