Bill Clinton Has Many Issues, But Having Sex With Kids Ain’t One Of Em’

The recent, alleged suicide of criminally charged pedophile and sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, rocked news headlines this weekend. The internet went wild of course with every conspiracy theory under the sun regarding the suspicious death; and it is indeed peculiar.

When it comes to Epstein’s untimely end, what is very concerning is that he was reportedly on 24 hour suicide watch at the time, which means he would have been on round-the-clock surveillance to ensure he would not harm himself. To reinforce safety from self-harm, there is a standard policy in prisons to confiscate any items from an inmate that could be used to ingest poisons, cut or hang themselves.

In suicide watch scenarios, an inmate’s bedding and clothes – down to their slippers,  are made of paper as to tear easily if the inmate tries to hang his or herself.  So then how did Epstein end up dead, apparently from self-inflictedasphyxia?

Many online sleuths speculate that it was an inside job to prevent Epstein from exposing a deep child sex ring that would implicate some of the world’s most powerful men, among them, Donald Trump, mega attorney Alan Derscherwitz and Bill Clinton, who according to log records, visited or flew on Epstein’s private plane 26 times or more.

That brings me to a current Trumpian phenomenon impeding on the matter. Never to disappoint, rabid Trump supporters have taken to Twitter in the aftermath of Epstein’s death to begin pushing conspiracy theories that suggest the real culprit in the sex trafficking case against Epstein, and possibly his death, is Bill Clinton.

These Trumpsters have zero proof to go on, of course. It’s just enough to have photos of Clinton and Epstein together that allows them to selectively down play that there are also countless photos of Epstein together with their orange Lord and savior, Donald Trump.

Let me be clear here, Bill Clinton is no angel. He has been a dog in his day; an alleged notorious womanizer, plagued with claims of sexual misconduct for decades and of course his consensual affair with 22 year-old intern, Monkia Lewinski, became a worldwide scandal.

Bill Clinton, loves women and everybody has opinions on his alleged criminality in accordance to his conduct.

However, I urge everyone to keep in mind, that throughout every sexual scandal including Clinton, there has never been an allegation of pedophilia. Yes, Bill has many issues – but having sex with little girls, is not one of them. 

On the contrary, Donald Trump was specifically named in an Epstein sex crimes deposition in 2010. Public court records show that in that deposition, when the judge asked Epstein, on record, if he and Donald Trump  had ever been together in a social setting with underaged girls, Epstein refused to answer. He instead invoked his 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendment rights. You know, because that’s what innocent people do, right?

Trump supporters want to pretend this is a far left conspiracy and nothing but fake news, but Kellyanne Conway’s own husband George, came through on Twitter with the receipts aka court documents:

Peep The Receipts Right Here

Add to this glaringly obvious implication, a very credible court filing against Trump by a “Jane Doe” who filed suit claiming Trump raped her at the age of 13 at Epstein’s mansion during a teen girl sex orgy.

Quite honestly, I’m repulsed even writing this post because I can’t believe I’m speaking about an American President in such a disgusting context, but that is where we are -with a P*ssy grabber-in Chief, fraudulently in command of the highest office in the land.

So, I will let Trump supporters continue to push false deflections about Bill Clinton, while we-the truth seekers, continue to gather facts about the true nature of Trump’s relationship with Epstein. That relationship, by the way, also includes a corroborated account by different witness who all claim to have overheard a vicious argument between Epstein and Trump over which of them was going to take the virginity of a 15 year old at one of their pedophilia parties.

I can’t even. Like, seriously, I simply CANNOT!



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  1. More fake news & hate. Epestein claimed the 5 to Protect himself what has trump got to do with it. Overheard conversation, crap. Yet Clinton A convicted rapist and womanizer with 26 trips with Epstein is innocent? Pedal your hate elsewhere.

    • Wow, you really don’t want to admit that your Tangerine Turd of a President is going to go down for this. Delusional much???


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