Woof! Billy Eichner Embraces His Bear Side In Shirtless New Pics

Credit: Billy Eichner Instagram

Congrats Billy Eichner for recognizing something about yourself that many of us are happy to call you: a bear. 

The hilarious comedian and actor posted a couple of sexy shirtless photos on his Instagram last week where he, thank the lord, proudly displayed his glistening chest hair that went perfectly with his gorgeous face.


“Who knew you were such a bear?!” one fan wrote in the comments section to which he replied with, “A well curated list of men going back to about 1998.” Sign us up please! 

Another person had the audacity to tell him this. “Dear billy, I love your work but pls wax ur hairy ass body. Sincerely, Jarett.” HOW RUDE! He had the perfect comeback though. “Never. Bitch.”


The Billy on the Street star happens to be one of many celebrities who don’t feel the need to shave or trim in order to fit that bizarre Hollywood standard of the clean cut A-list hunk that still lurks around the industry today.

Here are more guys who are known for being on the furrier side that we still can’t get enough of today.


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