Billy Porter and Camillo Cabello Lead All-Star Cast in New Adaptation

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Even though today is August 3rd, its feels like Christmas in July thanks to Amazon Prime. The first trailer for the much anticipated reboot of Cinderella dropped today. Expectations for the reimagining of the classic fairy tale are high – and if the film is as good as the trailer Amazon will have a monster hit in their arsenal.

Starring “Havana” singer Camila Cabello in the title role and Emmy and Tony award winner Billy Porter as her “fairy godparent.” this adaptation introduces us to a Cinderella unlike any we have seen before! Also something we have never seen before Porter is making history as the first man to play the fairy godparent role. 


The streamer describes the film as,

“musically-driven bold new take on the traditional story you grew up with. We follow an ambitious young woman whose dreams are bigger than the world will allow But with the help of her Fab G, she is able to persevere and make her dreams come true.”

Amazon assembled an A-list cast for the musical including  Idina Menzel (wicked stepmother), Pierce Brosnan (King Rowan), Minnie Driver (Queen Beatrice), Missy Elliot (Town Crier), Maddio Baillio and Charlotte Spencer (Cinderella’s stepsisters) and John Mulaney, James Corden and Romesh Ranganathan as the mice.

The modernized tale has Cabello with dreams of becoming a designer – ‘dresses by Ella’ are seen in the trailer – while beginning a romance with Prince Robert played by Nicholas Galitzine. The musical drama will feature new music from Cabello and Menzel and will incorporate classic pop anthems reimagined from global superstars. {Both ‘Rhythm Nation’ by Janet Jackson, and Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ can be heard in the trailer.}


Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios, released a statement saying,

“Cinderella is a classic we all know and love, but this time with a modern unique twist and starring the sensational Camila Cabello and an all-star cast. Producer James Corden and the filmmaking team have taken this beloved fairytale and revamped it with a fresh, empowering perspective that will resonate with audiences and families around the world. We couldn’t be more excited for our global customers to sing and dance along to director Kay Cannon’s reimagination of this classic story.”

The film launches exclusively around the world in 240 countries and territories on Prime Video on 3 September. Watch the trailer below. And its ok if you watch it a few times…I think I watched it four times so far 🙂




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4 thoughts on “Billy Porter and Camillo Cabello Lead All-Star Cast in New Adaptation”

  1. The worst part that makes it doomed from the beginning is James Corden is in it. The curse of Corden in movies continues. The early reviews say this is a complete trainwreck.

  2. Sorry, but Billy Porter just comes off as another, tiring bitchy queen. It is time that the a teacher utters the words to him, “you are dismissed”.

  3. And when you think, Cat’s was the worst movie ever made, now comes along this mess. Who’s backyard was this filmed at? Since when did Cinderella become a comedy. I smell Razzie’s!!!


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