‘Birder’: A Steamy Queer Thriller That Will Reveal “Darkest Truths”

‘Birder’ is described as a “queer erotic thriller” that will seemingly leave viewers on the edge of their seats based on the trailer alone.

(c) Birder / Out On Film

The film is written by Amnon Lourie and directed by Nate Dushku, and it is said to explore “the lines of consent in a dom/sub space.”


Michael Emery is starring as the titular bird watcher named Kristian Brooks, and the rest of the cast also includes: Uki Pavlovic, David J. Cork, Jes Davis, Cody Sloan, and Delilah DuBois. Moreover, the official synopsis of ‘Birder’ reads:

“A bird watcher, Kristian Brooks, invades a nude queer campground on a remote lake in New Hampshire. He wears whatever cover he needs to ensnare the locals in his dark fetish in this nightmarish erotic thriller where consent is deadly.”

(c) Birder / Out On Film

The movie has lots of nudity and Director Dushku also talked about the themes and topics of the film, stating:


“Queer horror is often lived, and in Birder we dip our toes into the darkest truths. The film is a sardonic and disturbing look at what a monster sees when they look in the mirror; an exploration of the consent dynamics of dom/sub space and a metaphor for the traumas the queer community endures at the hands of social entities lacking empathy.”

“Birder brings us to the edge of the abyss as our protagonist’s odyssey takes him through a joyful sex-positive community,” the 46-year-old American filmmaker further expressed.

‘Birder’ had it’s world premiere at OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival, and is set to be shown in various film festivals this fall, including Atlanta’s Out on Film, Seattle Queer Film Festival and DC’s Reel Affirmations, among others.

In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:

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