Bisexual Awareness Week and Bisexual Pride Day?

Leave it to Woody Allen to have said being bisexual "doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."  I've never swung both ways and never had "sexual relations" with a woman.  Like many gay men during my early years of being out, my mom wondered if I just didn't find the right gal to date and settle down with.  I think, now that I am 40 and yet still single, she has given up on that belief. I haven't been that successful in the gay dating game, but I'm not ready to throw the towel in on finding the right man.  But what about a bi guy?  Thinking about it, my longest relationship actually was with a bisexual man lasting about 5 1/2 years.  All in all, it was less confusing than most of my relationships with gay men. 

 I think for many of us, bisexuality is confusing and it may be confusing to those who identify as bisexual  In an interview last year, British singer Duncan James stated, "so I understand that saying, 'Bi now, gay later'. But it's 2013 and there's nothing wrong in being open with your sexuality."  As of 2014, James identifies as gay, but still sleeps with women.  When they look like him (pictured here), they can do whatever they want.

 I would go as far to say Bisexuality is considered to be the lesser letter in the LGBT alpahebet soup.  I didn't even know they had their own flag.  With transgender individuals like Laverne Cox becoming more mainstream, the T may be more accepted than the B.  Is that okay?  Acceptable?  Shouldn't all be considered equal and treated the same way?

In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week, East Bay Express out of Berkeley, California released their top five Bisexual trivia facts (full article here).

 5. Berkeley was the first city to create a Bisexual Pride Day

How many times have you seen a bisexual float or group in your city's pride parade? 

4. Even off the clock, a majority of porn actresses identify as bisexual

Is it gay for pay or is it just easier to say that than to identify as bisexual? Many more actors in porn, predominantly females, have stated they are bisexual.

3. Bisexual slurs have been around since the time of ancient Greece

The philosopher Aristophenes even went so far as to coin a derogatory term for it: euryprôktoi, which means "wide asses."

2. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong swings both ways

BuzzFeed drafted a list of 25 actors that have identified as bisexual.

1. The whole notion of Pride was started by a bisexual activist

Brenda Howard (aka the Mother of Pride) was a New York-based bisexual activist. One of her most lasting contributions came from her work commemorating the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which many consider the genesis of the modern LGBT rights movement. It was Howard's idea to host a weeklong series of Pride events, culminating in a Pride march, which is now celebrated in countless cities and countries around the world.

Read the full Easy Bay Express article here.

Do you accept bisexuality as a way of life? 

Have you had successful relationships with bisexual men? 

Do you avoid starting emotional or sexual relationships with people that identify as bisexuals or do you seek them out? 

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